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Deception Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

You and the family are packed and ready to head out on your annual pilgrimage to the beach or the mountalns for a week of relaxation…just what the Doctor ordered. You go through the final checklist of items you will need to take with you as well as the list of measures taken designed to prevent any conceivable disaster that could occur to your home while you’re hundreds of miles away. Check…check and check.. Then you remember something you forgot. The bling! You need a place to hide all of that valuable jewelry your wife keeps in her jewelry box sitting impressively on the dresser. You’ve got no heavy safe…no secret hideaway you’re confident placing it in that no crook could ever find. There’s no safe in the hotel room or campground you’ll be staying at. Now what? Paranoia sets in and will haunt you until you return!

Introducing….The Diversion Safe! We carry a large array of Diversion Safes designed to look like many of the ordinary household items found in every home….exact replicas right down to being properly weighted! They say a burglar spends on average, 8 minutes inside their victim’s home. By having one or two Diversion Safes perfectly disguised as ordinary household items, the odds are well in your favor that any valuables stored in one will be….well….safe! Check out the many choices Safe and Secure Products offer that will offer you peace of mind while you’re away basking in the sunshine at the beach or enjoying a hiking trail in the mountains with not a care in the world other than not being eaten by a shark…or a bear. We’ve got a national brand paint can, a Maxwell House Coffee can, national brand soft drinks, a hairbrush, a water bottle, a hard backed book, even a wall receptacle that when installed, looks like an ordinary working outlet. Browse through the many choices we offer and order one or two so your checklist will be complete the next time you head out on your next pilgrimage away from home.

Another means of deception against the criminal element Safe and Secure Products carry is the Dummy Camera. We have a nice selection of Dummy Cameras for you to choose from that while not really functional cameras, look identical to the real thing right down to wiring cables, flashing LED lights and some that even pan back and forth when triggered by motion. Any criminal foolish enough to enter your property with the intent of burglarizing it will rethink his or her plan when they see they’re being recorded. And if they’re dumb enough to proceed, remember….your valuables will be safely concealed in one of our Diversion Safes! Checkmate!

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