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Protecting Yourself In The “New Normal”

Times have changed….almost overnight it seems. It wasn’t that long ago I was raising my own children. That was at a time when Rotary Phones were in every home but had advanced beyond the annoying “party lines” some of you may remember. Pong and Atari were the latest in high-tech gaming devices. My kids would take off on their bikes early in the morning and some days I wouldn’t see them until the sun began to set. And I had no reason to worry. Those were simpler times….pre-computers….pre-internet…pre social media sites. Times certainly have changed, and never more dramatically than 2020. What a year this has been. A year that began with a virus no one knew anything about with new and frightening updates flooding the airwaves everyday from “experts” we were told to trust. But in hind sight, perhaps that trust cost us more than it helped us. On the political scene we finally had a President who wasn’t a politician but instead a businessman, building an economy we’d never seen before and saying something unusual……something new……”America first!” What? No more apologies? Of course there was another side of the political coin who did nothing but resist and attack, and so political unrest was at a fever pitch. America has never been so politically polarized than today. Finally, a racially charged, smoldering tinder fire that had been sparked several years back suddenly had gasoline thrown on it and it exploded into an inferno due to an unconscionable act by a Minneapolis Police Officer. And there it was….the perfect storm……a trifecta that will forever keep 2020 as one of the most consequential years in the history of America. Caution….sadly, we may have all just entered….a new normal.

Now, once safe city streets in large metropolitan areas…..areas once buzzing with tourists attractions and business opportunities suddenly became war zones. We’ve all seen the violence, if not first hand, certainly on the nightly newscasts. Buildings on fire, businesses looted, innocent diners enjoying a night out accosted by thugs hiding behind a purpose, but really without one. Many of the states and cities under attack have very strict laws against lethal weapons being carried for protection. So….what can we do to protect ourselves….our families….our homes in the times we are living in today? This question was my motivation to introduce “Safe and Secure Products.”

While there is no greater supporter of the 2A than myself, evidence shows that more often than not, when a threat arises, deadly force is not usually necessary to neutralize a situation, and many products I offer at “Safe and Secure Products” will serve you well in protecting yourself in the face of an attack…will offer you peace of mind in knowing your loved ones have an effective means of self defense with them in their pocket, or in their purse…. you will feel a sense of safety and security when you’re away or asleep at night knowing your home has shield of protection around it with an alarm system or camera that will convince any possible perp to move along. I invite you to browse the large selection of stun guns, stun batons, pepper sprays, Mace products, security cameras and alarms, and so much more. You’ll find the price of security….of peace of mind….is less expensive than you think…..and worth every cent!

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